Retirement Planning

At Danter, we know how hard you’ve worked for your money and our experts develop the best retirement strategy to meet your vision of retirement. We work with small business owners and CEO’s every day to help develop future.

Our product include:

RRSP’s- accumulate TAX-SHELTERED funds for retirement and protection from CREDITORS.

Exempt Life Insurance- TAX-SHELTERED growth of capital and take advantage of flexible benefits to augment retirement program.

Enhanced Retirement Program- a supplement “pension” from corporate life insurance.

Pension Plans- accumulate tax-sheltered funds for retirement while maintaining creditor protection.

Annuities/ RRIF’s- provide an income flow to match needs at retirement.

Retirement Protector- continue retirement savings while you are disabled.

Our Services:

  • Needs analysis
  • Plan Design
  • Plan Implementation
  • On-going management


When we were introduced to Danter Financial Consulting Inc.- Dan Bonanni (President) provided a complimentary financial review for our employee benefit program. Considerable savings were uncovered without any loss of services. We were a bit skeptical at the time as the cost savings were quite high. We decided to proceed with Dan’s recommendations and have never looked back. The cost reductions projected were met and exceeded. The services provided to our employees have been enhanced.

Dan is always looking for cost reduction strategies to help our company. His experience and knowledge have been an asset to Metro News/Prologix. Recently, Danter has also introduced cost reductions for a recent acquisition from Alberta, Newswest Inc. As a result of Dan’s expertise, we will be able to apply the same format for the employees out west. We would recommend Dan (Danter Financial Consulting Inc.) to any business.

We would recommend Dan (Danter Financial Consulting Inc.) to any business.

Henry Slaczka,
Vice President & CFO
Metro News / Prologix