Estate Planning

Danter Financial Consulting provides our clients with complimentary access to tax and estate lawyer

Creating an Estate- to provide immediate tax-free dollars to allow your family to pay off all debts and maintain their lifestyle if you die too soon.

Estate Conservation- to provide liquid tax-free dollars to meet capital gains tax, other taxes, outstanding debts and administration costs arising on death.

Estate Preservation- to provide maximum after tax income to maintain your present and future lifestyle without burdening the business.

Our services include:

  • Needs analysis
  • Plan Design
  • Plan Implementation
  • On-going management


Canworld Foods has been a client of Danter Financial Consulting for 8 years. Dan Bonanni (President) was introduced to us by our corporate accountants to review our employee benefit plan and identify cost effective funding alternatives. Dan has delivered significant savings to our overall employee benefit costs and improved the services offered to our employees. Dan is a good resource to ongoing communication for any questions we have.

As part of the savings realized, Danter Financial Inc. has also been helpful in implementing financial solutions for our corporate shareholders agreement.

We would recommend Dan (Danter Financial Consulting Inc.) to any business.

John Mezenberg,
Canworld Foods