Danter’s services have provided ASL Distribution Services LTD. with cost certainty in an environment of rapidly rising health care insurance premiums. Danter assisted ASL in deploying the ASO model with immediate cost containment at highly competitive premiums coupled with broader health care coverage. ASL employees were delighted.

Robert Kheir, MBA, CMA
Chief Financial Officer,
ASL Distribution Services LTD

Dan Bonanni, and his team at Danter Financial Consulting Inc., has provided us with a more comprehensive review of our corporate employee benefit plan. Their attention to detail has helped identify creative ways to reduce costs for the company, while at the same time allowing us to maintain excellent coverages and customer service levels for our employees, across all levels of the organization. Danter Financial has also implemented financial programs to reduce risk for the key people of the company. Dan has been a valued resource to AP Plasman, and I would recommend his services to other businesses looking for similar results.

Mila Lucio, SHRP, CHRP
Vice President, Human Resources
A.P. Plasman Corporation

When we were introduced to Danter Financial Consulting Inc.- Dan Bonanni (President) provided a complimentary financial review for our employee benefit program. Considerable savings were uncovered without any loss of services. We were a bit skeptical at the time as the cost savings were quite high. We decided to proceed with Dan’s recommendations and have never looked back. The cost reductions projected were met and exceeded. The services provided to our employees have been enhanced.

Dan is always looking for cost reduction strategies to help our company. His experience and knowledge have been an asset to Metro News/Prologix. Recently, Danter has also introduced cost reductions for a recent acquisition from Alberta, Newswest Inc. As a result of Dan’s expertise, we will be able to apply the same format for the employees out west. We would recommend Dan (Danter Financial Consulting Inc.) to any business.

We would recommend Dan (Danter Financial Consulting Inc.) to any business.

Henry Slaczka,
Vice President & CFO
Metro News / Prologix

Canworld Foods has been a client of Danter Financial Consulting for 8 years. Dan Bonanni (President) was introduced to us by our corporate accountants to review our employee benefit plan and identify cost effective funding alternatives. Dan has delivered significant savings to our overall employee benefit costs and improved the services offered to our employees. Dan is a good resource to ongoing communication for any questions we have.

As part of the savings realized, Danter Financial Inc. has also been helpful in implementing financial solutions for our corporate shareholders agreement.

We would recommend Dan (Danter Financial Consulting Inc.) to any business.

John Mezenberg,
Canworld Foods
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